100Wh/day 100 people
1kw to >1GW
Start in your country
Electraseeds are designed for base power for the 1.2 billion of us living in the world's energy deserts. An ElectraSeed provides energy for lighting, phones, fans, television and small scale cooling.
An electraseed can be deployed with as little as 1KW. We are currently working on a deployment model for a 1GW deployment of 100,000 distributed electraseeds. They would deliver electricity to 10 million people to replace a proposed coal facility.
The starting point involves listening and learning. Electraseed the roll out of field labs and test centers partnering with local universities in 40 energy deserts to test equipment and billing infrastructure. Field labs are used to insure UX, O&M and b-model viability and returns.

ElectraSeed 100Wh/day / 100 People /1.2 billion

More information coming soon.
Join us by visiting  www.electricchain.org and applying to join our slack. 

Identity desert 2.4 billion

Financial desert

Regulatory desert

Energy desert
1.2 billion

The 4 Deserts
We are helping to solve 4 desert problems that overlap.